Tape In Hair

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Tape-in Hair Extensions is so amazing and alluring hair weave which is one of
the most trendiest hair weave in recent days. This hair weave is so wonderful and
pleased hair weave that gives you the most natural look and comfortable feeling
This adorable and exquisite hair weave brings you the most natural and perfect
look. This hair weave is such a beautiful one that makes everyone happy and
makes them feel that they are having their own hair.
Our Nexa hair provides this charming hair weave to our delicate and lovely
customers with great love and respect.
About the Tape-in Hair Extensions:
 The color of this hair weave is #613 color.
 The weight of this hair weave is 110 g/pc.
 This hair weave has the length of 16 inches.
 This weave is well crafted with Machine double weft method.
 It has no tangles.
 It is free from shedding.
 So there is no need to worry about these two stuffs as they are not present
in this hair weave.
About the quality of this Tape-in Hair Extensions:
 This hair weave has been graded to 8 A and it is very stunning rate.
 Since it is graded high, the quality is also too good.
 This hair weave can be straightened as well as curled if you wish to.
 It is free from chemicals as well as from lice.
Tips to maintain your Tape-in Hair Extensions:
1. While washing your hair weave:
 Wash your hair weave using high and best quality shampoo and conditioner
in a regular manner.

 While choosing shampoo and conditioner it is advisable to choose the hair
weave which has no sulphur in it.
2. About coloring of the hair weave:
 Color your hair if you wish to.
 It is possible to do. But before that apply your dye for a piece of hair.