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One of the best Hair Extension site i ever came through i have ordered 2 times because of the hair been so natural and smooth which makes fit to my hair . I love how easily i can find my type of hair extensions , a great site i would recommend one must have their extensions . 

Kirstin Everton
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.Wowww it’s so satisfying it’s my 2 nd purchase for my sister as 1 st one I bought for myself and it was so stunning . The delivery was also so quick didn’t expected that , the extensions are so sliky and the curls are so defined and in proper shape really in love with it ..

Isabella Lloyd
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. Totally in love with this site the extensions are so great with so many shades ,worn the extension to my friends Wedding everyone loved it this is my 3rd order and in future really gonna have more .
Andy Guscott
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Amazing site with the great quality of hair extensions my friend had recommended me of this site ,till now i order from nexa hair and a huge big fan of there extensions . It is easy to use and so natural it mixes up with my hair . I am really pleased with the hair and looking forward for many more .

Jane Bit
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I have never used extensions before and had no clue about it and also searched all the sites for it , but finally i came across this site and found so many options for the extensions and i ordered the extensions was a bit scared but received the best one .I am so happy and they are wonderful .

Mia Washington
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The extensions are so damm good thank you nexa i have literally brought up 4 extensions with different style and type and each one of them are so good and must suggest one should buy these extensions .
The defination and it’s shape are so awesome even the colour are so pure to look
Brigit Guscott

Our shared future

Nexa Hair primerly focus on customer welfare, our goal is to give our best to them and make sure they are getting what they want.
Nexa Hair will always provide you with great service and products with different Variety , Styles and colour so you never go unsatisfied . We always try to bring you new products so you can explore more .
Our future is all about how to be a top company and satisfy our customers needs and give them desirable product .
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Working together

Nexa Hair is a team working to give and bring our best to its final destination . Our team works with all there Hardwork and Strength to give a great result . 
Everyone working at nexa Hair is like a family member and we all work with a unity and bond at any level of work . 
What unite us as a team is all our dedication and love towards our company and its work .
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“We’ve been able to build something in 3 years that a lot of brands haven’t actually gotten to in 10 years. With The Help Of Nexahair”

Natasha | Beauty Salon Director

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The finest Hair Product

Curly Hair Extensions

We have the largest and most diverse collection of curly hair extensions. Our curly human hair extension is perfect for your fit. These are well defined soft and Silkier Curls it doesn’t loosen or drop with time but maintain their form for the entire day. If you’re looking for naturally curly hairstyles with true flexibility, look no further here is your destination 

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Bob hair Extensions 

These Extensions are the most loved and bought by people for the craze over it . Our Bob hair extensions are made of natural human hair which makes them look more absorbing and graceful for fitting in any hair background . Our Extensions are smooth and Slikier with different Varieties , shape and colour to choose . You have reached the right place to select your favourite one grab now.
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Straight Hair Extensions

Our straight hair is naturally straight. It’s the Best of all, they are made from real human hair which makes it long-lasting resilience and flexible enough to wear and style. These are soft , Slikier and Shinner and also come in many options and colors. Why wait grab the one for you now , experience the finest extensions by Nexa Hair .

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I feel so lucky to purchase extensions from Nexa hair it’s my 3rd buy from here and every time I feel like having more of them. The extensions are so real and natural even I could find my colour which fits me perfectly . I am really looking for more purchases from Nexa Hair .

Olivia Everton
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Nexa Hair is my every time stop to buy extensions i am really a big fan of extensions and i got favourite destination to buy it . It’s my 2 nd purchase and i absolutely love them . They are so smooth and silky and their shape is also so defined . 

Emma Lloyd
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For my wedding I had searched all the places for the extensions and after a long search work i landed here and found my desired extensions which I wanted to wear in my wedding . The extensions are so real it got absorbed into my hair and made it look like it’s my own . Really happy and going to have more of them in future .

Charlottle Guscott
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I am in love with the extensions by Nexa hair . It’s so natural as human hair and the shine it has makes me look like a celeb .
I am so glad that i made the purchase and the defination of extension is so great . 
I would surely recommend everyone to have a purchase from here .
Amelia Bit
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The extensions are very nice the colour and the shape are so pure. The curls are so defined and natural it doesn’t fake me , i have already bought 2 extensions and never got disappointed thank you Nexa hair for your amazing facility and service .


Ava Washington
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 really didnt had any knowledge about the extensions the first one I bought was for my sister . Seeing the result and the product even i bought the extensions and i am so happy to have them . A great piece of work I am really satisfied looking forward for more buy .

Sophia Guscott