Straight Hair

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Made from 100% unprocessed virgin human hair. Straight hairs are installed by sewing. These
hairs are cut from head of young donors. Straight hair is thick, bouncy, tight, neat, soft and
silky. These hairs are free from the trouble of shedding and tangling and are healthy in nature.
They can be curled and dyed easily and are heat resistant between 150-180 degree Celsius. It
adds to the charm and beauty of women and boosts up their confidence.
Product Description:
 These hair weigh around 95-100 grams per bundle.
 Straight Hair are free from the trouble of hair shedding and tangling.
 They give beauty and styling to your hair and add to the volume and length of the hair.
 The hair extensions are washable, smooth, silky and soft.
 The main advantage of clip in colored hair extensions are that these are easily affordable, light
weight, easy to apply.
 These hairs can be dyed into dark color easy and difficult to lighten.
Advantages to Customers:
 They are readily available and easily affordable.
 The extensions are soft, thick, smooth and comfortable to wear which gives a young and
active look to women.
 The hair extensions are washable, smooth, silky and soft.
 These good quality hairs are free from shedding and tangling and instantly transform to do
beauty and gives a glamorous look.
 The hair is comfortable to wear and are suitable for wedding occasions and can also
serve the daily use purpose
Maintenance and Care:
 Wash your hair once a week. Always detangle your hair before washing.
 Use natural shampoo and hydrating conditioner.
 Comb your hair before and after use.
 Allow your hair to dry naturally rather than using a blow drier.
 Do not sleep with wet hair as it leads to tangling. so, it’s better to wrap your hair before
going to bed.
 Minimize the usage of heating tools as it leads to hair damage.
 Use either warm or cold water to shampoo your hair.
 Do not rub or scratch your hair either while washing or combing your hair.