Natural Curly

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Natural curly hair is made from high quality virgin human hair. These hairs are cut from singe
donor and no chemicals, animal hair or synthetic fibers are mixed. These extensions are
installed using a clip. Main advantage of these extensions are that it instantly adds to the
volume and length of hair. Natural curly hair is free from the trouble of shedding and tangling.
These hair extensions get easily blended with natural hair color and builds confidence among
women. Treat the extensions as your original hair and can be easily straightened, curled,
bleached and styled.
Product Description:
 Natural curly hair weigh about 120 grams with clips.
 These extensions are soft, smooth and silky in texture.
 The clip in hair extensions are very easy to attach and comfortable to wear.
 It just takes 5 minutes of your precious time to attach these hairs add beauty to
 Natural curly hair can be styled easily from making braids to ponytails tec.
 It instantly adds fullness and volume to your hair and simultaneously remove the hassle
of glues and tapes also.
 These extensions are very soft and smooth and can be dried, straightened, washed,
permed etc.
Advantages to Customers:
 These clip in hair extensions are free from tangling and developing knots.
 Very easy to apply. It’s just an effortless task of five to seven minutes.
 Those who are facing the problem of bad cut and thin hair. The natural curly hair
extension is a good solution for them. It enhances your self-confidence and beauty.
 Natural curly hairs are suitable for daily use and can also enlighten your beauty in
weddings occasions and parties as well.
 These clips get easily blended with natural hair color and gives a natural look.
Maintenance and Care:
 Shampoo your hair twice a week and do deep conditioning after that.
 Use a soft brush to detangle the hair before head wash.
 If possible use a hair mask after shampooing your hair.
 Prevent the clips from getting wet.
 Do not rub or scratch your hair either while washing or combing your hair.
 Massage your scalp with your fingertips.