I Tip Hair

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I-tip Hair Extensions is so amazing and resplendent hair weave which gives
you the most elegant and charming look. This enthralling and delicate hair weave
is so good looking and fetching one that gives you the most natural look.
This hair weave looks perfectly on every one that gives you the most happiest and
gorgeous feeling. This hair weave gives you the feeling that makes you feel better
and comfortable.
Our Nexa hair provides this i-tip Hair Extensions to our amazing and alluring
customers with great love and happiness.
About the I-tip Hair Extensions:
 The color of this hair weave is Natural black.
 This hair weave has the texture of I-tip wavy.
 This hair weave has the length of 12 to 24 inches.
 This weave has the weight of 120 g/pc.
 This hair weave is free from tangles.
 This hair weave can be straightened as well as curled according to your
About the quality of this I-tip Hair Extensions:
 The quality of this hair weave is so nice and so elegant.
 This weave has no chemicals as well as no lice in it.
 There is no need to worry about the shedding.
 It is shedding free.
 This hair weave can be bleached as well as dyed if you wish to.
Tips to maintain your I-tip Hair Extensions:
1. While washing your hair weave:
 Wash your hair weave using good and best quality shampoo and
 Make sure that the shampoo and conditioner that you have chosen is
meant for your hair weave.
 Use them with a limit.
 Because the chemicals present in it may cause damage to your hair weave.
2. While drying your hair weave:
 Let your hair weave to dry by itself.
 After washing leave it for five to ten minutes to let your weave dry