Loose Wave Hair Bundles

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Loose wave hairs
Among different types of hair extensions, loose wave hairs are very popular. This texture is available in all origins brazilian,malaysian, indian and peruvian. Loose hair pattern is curly and wavy than body waves and deep waves.
Why does loose wave hair are famous?
• Loose wave is remy human hairs which are chemically not processed.
• They are more wavy and curly than deep hairs.
• These are extraordinary classical loose hairs.
• They are smooth, shiny and silky in nature.
• They are of good lengths and give a standard look for a person.
• They are available in many different colours.
• Loose waves also available in shorter hairs. Very adaptive texture even for shorter hairs.
• They are durable and these types of texture have enough flexibility.
Difference between Loose wave and Body waves:
• A loose wave owns more volume than body waves.
• Loose waves are curlier than body waves.
• Loose hairs are tighter than body waves.
• Loose wave hairs last longer when compared with body waves.
Which origin is best for loose wave?
• Loose wave are gathered from various parts of world.
• They are classified on the basis of origin as Brazilian loose wave, Indian loose wave, Malaysian loose wave and Peruvian loose wave
• Brazilian loose wave hair are very easy to manage.
• The hair extension can be easily dyed or coloured according to people choice.
How to maintain hair bundles?
• The loose hair can lasts for an average period of 6 months.
• They can be maintained up to 2 years, which totally depend on our own care and maintenance.
• Use shampoo or conditioner to make your hair cleaner and stronger.
Loose waves are really best for people because they are elastic and give us full appearance.
Loose wave hairs are comfortable to use and they are popular among Afro-American people. You can try more loose hair pattern to make a complete look of the hair.