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Water wave is one among the most popular hair extensions for girls. These are very light in weight and are full of luster. Water wave is a very good quality virgin human hair which are cut from head of young girl. Water wave hairs are available in variety of textures and colors. These hair extensions give you a young and natural look and get
easily blended with natural hair color. These hair extensions are normally available in curly and wavy textures and can be installed using weave.
Product Description:
 These hairs weigh around 90 – 105 grams per bundle and are around 8-28 inches
 Available in natural colors, these hairs instantly glorify the beauty of women and
make them feel comfortable and stand confidently in the society.
 These hairs have thick ends and are free from the issue of split ends, tangling
and shedding.
 While processing the hair, no chemicals are mixed in it. these hairs are very
neatly tied.

Advantages to consumers:
 Women who love having long, curly and thick hair, water wave can be a good option for
 These hairs are easily affordable, you can try these hair extensions as these are very
smooth and soothing.
 Water wave hair can be easily styled from making braids to ponytails. they generally
give you a active look with carefree hair bundles.
How to maintain your hair?
 Shampoo your hair once in a month as over shampooing will cause dryness. Try to use a
sulphate free shampoo.
 Deeply condition your hair with a natural conditioner.
 Gently soak your hair with a soft towel.
 Its recommended not to use a comb to comb your hair rather use your fingertips.
 Braid your hair before going to bed to prevent tangling your hair.
 The lifespan of the hair totally depends on your usage and care. It is better to use less
heating tools to prevent the hair from getting damaged.