Deep Wave

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Deep wave hair bundles
Deep wave are attractive classic and tight hairs with great wave coils. They have lustrous and shiny look. Deep wave hair bundles made with 100% real human hairs which are not processed by any kind of chemicals.
This hair texture is very smooth to touch and use. They are lengthy and give a deep look for the hair. Deep wave hair are flexible and easily bend and always remain in high demand.
Difference and Similarities between Deep wave and other waves:
• Tightness, thickness, texture, and maintenance are main difference among them.
• Curl pattern of Deep wave and curls resembles same.
Which origin is best for Deep wave: brazilian deep wave bundles
• Deep wave are natural and finest hair bundles collected from various parts of world.
• Brazilian deep waves are specifically exported and are used by many people.
• Their ‘S’ pattern wave gives a natural look to the hair extension.
• They are also super versatile in nature.
How to maintain deep wave hairs?
• Self care is very important. Because it also a factor that affects the lifetime of hair bundles.
• Don’t try to heat up the extension; this might change the nature of hair.
• Use shampoo and conditioner to clean your hair.
Deep wave are very thick and this type of hair extension is very popular among people. They are healthy because they are chemically unprocessed. They are virgin remy hairs that are smoother than other curls.