Raw Indian Hair: Ultimate Quality Of Raw Hairs

Raw Indian hairs are one of the most finest quality of hairs. As can be understand by the name Raw Hairs are 100% unprocessed hairs without any chemical processing. These hairs have natural texture without any steam processing.

Raw India hairs are very famous in all around the world & always remain in high demand because of long lasting life, natural texture, smooth, silky & 100% tangle free features.

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Raw Hairs Major Highlights:

Raw Indian Hairs

What Makes Raw Indian Hairs Best:

  • Raw hairs are from single donor cut directly from donor.
  • Hairs are bouncy shiny,soft,silky & very smooth.
  • Raw hairs are very health and having long lasting life.
  • Raw hair's can be bleach or die to any color.
  • All hairs are cuticle align so there is no tangling.
  • Wavy & curly texture remain same after every wash.

How We Make Raw Hairs More Beautiful:

  • Our expert manpower removes shorter hairs.
  • Wash hairs with organic shampoo & conditioners.
  • Than all grey hairs & lice removed before sewing process.
  • In sewing we carefully verify sewing process.
  • After sewing process hair undergone quality check.
  • Final packing done in standard poly bag to avoid any damage.

Raw Indian Hair Bundles:

Our hair weaves are made with premium quality of hairs. It gives you very natural & beautiful look and once implemented with real hairs its almost impossible to differentiate between real hairs and extensions hairs.

Also along with premium quality raw hairs we make use of best quality weft to avoid shedding. We make use of high tech equipment's and expertise workmanship. Specially designed triple head machine which gives 12 layers of stitches & 21 stitches per inch & best quality hair heckling machines also we use 100% herbal shampoo's & conditioners. All these combination results premium quality hair bundles.

Raw Indian Curly Hair:

Raw Indian curly hair have natural curls. There is no steam processing to make hair curly. All curls are natural directly from donor. In case of steam processed curly texture curls get straight after few washes but in raw hair curl remain same always like natural curls. This is the main reason raw hairs always remain in high demand.

Raw Indian Wavy Hair:

Just like natural curly raw wavy hairs have natural waves from the donor. There is no steam processing to make hair wavy in texture. All our hair weaves have natural waves in it. In case of steam processed wavy hairs hair get straight after few days but natural waves remain same.

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Raw Indian Hair Reviews:

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