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What is Remy Hair? Ultimate Guide On Remy Hair’s

What is remy hair?Ultimate Guide On Remy Hair’s

When compared with all other hair bundles the Remy hair are more premium quality hairs and gives a natural look to the user. Do you know what reason behind it? This is because these hairs are collected directly from the single donor and the natural hair condition is maintained.

Remy hairs are very shiny silky and softer among all types of hairs. They are 100% tangle free as they are cuticle aligned hairs and their long lasting life makes them much more valuable for user.

These Remy hairs are 100% pure natural human hair used to make hair extensions. The cost of remy hairs ranges from $45 to $250. The remy hairs are worth to use.

What makes Remy Hair Best:

·         Smooth to touch, shiny look, healthy to use 

·         Retained after many hair washes

·         The cuticles of the remy types hairs are kept intact

·         It always maintains a unique direction. 

·         Blends easily with your own hair. 

·         There is no tangling and matting

·         Gives the natural look of the hair

·         Long lasts and have a average lifetime of 6 months

What is remy hair

What is Remy human hair made of?

  • Remy hair (100% pure natural human real hair) from single donor head without mixing it with other donor hairs & 100% cuticle aligned hairs.
  • These hairs are 100% natural human hair smooth, healthy with perfect shape and quality.
  • Remy hairs come directly after cleaning process without subjecting it to any kind of chemical process.

Where the real human hair does comes from?

  • Majorly remy hairs are collected from the Asian country India. Most of the hairs are indian hairs.
  • In these countries, people donate their hairs in temples for spirituality.
  • Other than that, the hairs are exported from the countries like Brazilian hairsMalaysian hairs and Peruvian hairs.

How long does Remy human hair last?

Remy hair’s having long lasting life as compare to all other type of hair extension. They can last upto 6 months to 1year. However it depends on handling and maintenance of the hairs.

What is difference between remy hair & non remy hairs?

Remy hairs are better than the non remy hairs. Remy hairs are fine hairs to use and easy to maintain. They are also popular among people as it has high quality in nature. It also long lasts for long period of time when compared to non remy hairs.i

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